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Pressure switches, mechanical
Pressure switch FF 4, for general applications i.e. pumps, compressors

Pressure switch FF 4, for areas subject to explosion hazards, Ex- design
Pressure switch FF 4, for shipbuilding and marine applications (GL approved)
Pressure switch FF 4, for firefighting equipment, VdS - certified
Pressure switch FF 142, for special applications
Pressure switch PS 1, compact size
  Pressure switch PS 3, miniature pressure switch (OEM)
Pressure switch FF 501, 10 up to 1000 mbar
Pressure switch FF 603, flush mounted membrane
Pressure switch FF 701, for vacuum applications
Pressure switch FF 902, up to 400 bar
  Pressure switch PM / PT, 2 and 3-pole pressure switch, up to 4 kW switching capacity
  Electronic pump control EPS-MT, with integrated dry running protection
Electronic pressure transmitters/ -switches
Pressure transmitter TST 10.0 / 20.0, up to 1000 bar, output 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V DC
[ nbsp]
Pressure transmitter TST- SMH, high pressure up to 4000 bar
  Pressure transmitter TST 16.0, for shipbuilding and marine applications, GL approved
Pressure transmitter TST-SMX2, Ex- design
  Pressure transmitter TST-SiAl, sensor with silicon diaphragm, up to 40 bar
Pressure transmitter TST- SPT- F, flush mounted diaphragm with double sealing
  Pressure transmitter TST- CIT- F, flush mounted stainless steel diaphragm
  Pressure transmitter TST- SKL, for media temperature -40 ... +180° C
  Pressure transmitter TST- SMO, for mobile hydraulics
  Pressure and temperature transmitter TST- TPSI, with internal temperature probe
  Pressure and temperature transmitter TST- TPSE, with external temperature probe
  Pressure transmitter TST- SMC, integrated CANopen interface 2.0A optional B
  Pressure transmitter TST- K121, with dry ceramic measuring cell, 40 mbar ... 250 bar
  Pressure transmitter TST- K20 F, flush dry ceramic measuring cell, -1 ... 20 bar
Differential pressure transmitter TST-DD, for air and gaseous media
Differential pressure transmitter TST-DDM, for liquids and gases
  Differential pressure transmitter TST-DD40, diff. pressure 0..50 mbar up to 0..25 bar
  Differential pressure transmitter TST-DD41, overload resistance of 100/250 bar
  Electronic pressure switch TST- PSD 30, with display, 2 switching outputs
 Digital contact gauge TST-PM 63, up to 250 bar, 1 transistor output
  Digital contact gauge TST-PM 82, up to 250 bar, 2 transistor outputs
  Digital plug-in dsiplay TST- LCD, for pressure transmitters
Level Ultrasonic level sensor TS-UNS, for continuous level measurement
Level probe TST-HD133, hydrostatic pressure sensor, also in Ex- design
Level probe TST-HD135, with integrated overvoltage protection, also in Ex- design
Level probe TST-HD135K, 22mm diameter, compact size, also in Ex- design
  Level probe TST-HD137, hydrostatic pressure transmitter for liquid levels
Level probe TST-TRA and accessories for level probes
  TDR level sensor TS- KFA 2, guided radar
Vibrating level switch TS-SG 51, universal vessel and pipeline level control
  Capacitive level limit switch TS- KGS, level limit monitoring in plastic and glass vessels
  Capacitive level limit switch TS- KGS-25, level limit monitoring for liquids
  Level limit controller TS- KGS-W1222, evaluation and supply for level limit switches
  Level controller TS-NW3, conductive level controller
  Immersion electrode EL-V, for conductive level controllers
  Immersion electrode EL-1, for conductive level controllers
  Electronic level switch TS-LSD 30, with 2 switching outputs
  Joint lever transmitter TS-KNG, liquid level control, analog output
  Float switch TS- RFK, continuous level monitoring with chain of reed contacts
  Float switch TS-RFS, with 2 switching points
  Floater switch TS-MPS, skid pipe with reed contacts, i.e. in-tank levels
  Level control TS- NIA, control module for TS- MPS
  Float switch OPT, standard and Ex- design
  Float switches LS 303/803, liquid level measuring in tanks
  Float switch TS-NSR, level limit float switch for side wall mounting
Fluid- flow Flow rate sensor TS- FM, suitable for small flow quantities, 1 ... 80 Ltr./ Min.
measurement Flow rate sensor TS- FK 12, calorimetric flow sensor
Resistance thermometer EWT, screw- in res. thermometer with connection head
Resistance thermometer BR, in Ex- design
Resistance thermometer EWTS, compact design res. thermometer, Ex- / GL- design available
Resistance thermometer KWT, screw-in, cable- equipped res. thermometer, Ex- / GL- design available
  Resistance thermometer KWT, insertion, cable- equipped res. thermometer, Ex- / GL- design available
Temperature transmitter TS-TT, analog output 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V
  Electronic temperature switch TS-TSD 30, with 2 switching outputs
Digital displays
Digital display TS-MR 50, max. 4 relays, DIN rail- mounting
and accessories
Digital display TS-WM 110, 2 relays, wall- mounting 
Isolating switching repeater TS-500 Ex, Ex ia for switching contacts
Universal isolation amplifier TV-500-Ex, Ex ia for standard signals
Universal Ex- seperator ST-500-Ex, Ex ia with sensor supply
Zener diode barrier MTL 7787+, zener diode barrier Ex ia
Assembled calbe and connection accessories
Drive technology
Digital soft starter FANAL ESA 3000-D, rugged industrial design
Digital soft starter FANAL ESA 3000-DS, digital soft starters, integrated bypass contacts
Analog soft starter FANAL ESA 3000-A, integrated bypass contacts
Analog soft starter FANAL ESA 1000-B, standard softstarter, integrated bypass contacts
DC injection brake EMB 4000, for 3-phase-asynchronous motors
Other information Introduction temperature data capture
  Introduction soft starter

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